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HongKong Denor International Co.,Ltd
[ Company Information ]
HONGKONG DENOR ENGINEERING CO. LTD. is a modern technical company in developing, producing, sale and service for the pool equipment, spa &sauna equipment, shower equipment, lie fallow equipment and so on.
銆€We started with the sales, installation and maintaining of imported spa / pool / lie fallow equipment and well experienced in this field for more than 10 years. Our business is over all the China and we built up hundreds of successful engineering samples. There are nearly one hundred high technical and well experienced employees working for us. In 2000, we build a big factory located in Guangzhou Economic Developing District to produce pool equipment, spa &sauna equipment, shower equipment, lie fallow equipment
銆€ Based on the spirit of keep chasing for better product, skill and service, we now present a whole new product 鈥淛ILL Aegean Sea鈥?integrative swimming pool filter system. This system is suitable to any size and shape pool; from personal pool to Water Park; from uncertain shape pool to rectangle gaming pool.
銆€Our integrative pool filter system has well and customized design, neat shape. You don't need an operation room neither inter-pipes. The system not only has effective filter function, also has multi-functions like under-water light, refluence surf, auto-adjustment pool water chemistry, auto-suction at the bottom of the pool. It does also very convince to maintain the system. Our integrative swimming pool filter system will replace the traditional sand swimming pool filter. Our products are now very popular in most Euro countries and the U.S.A. Our products also passed the test of Guangzhou City Bureau of Quality & Technical Supervision.
銆€Our company follows the spirit of 鈥淎 promise that will be kept鈥? Market is our guide, product is our life, quality keeps company long life, sales is our target, and creation makes us improving. We wish our company will get stronger and bigger and become the leader of this field.
銆€Getting into 21st century, we will work harder and harder to face all the opportunities and challenges. We hope we can get more chances to co-operate with customers locally and overseas to make a better future of the business.
[ Main Business ]
produce and sale swimming filter system,sand filter,water pump,sauna,lie fallow and related items
HongKong Denor International Co.,Ltd
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Mr  Glen cao
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